Anna Longaretti

Anna Longaretti is a script writer. Her first play, Sex Cells, made it’s debut in 2013 at the Riverside Studios. It is published by Samuel French. Her second play, Curl Up & Die was first staged at the Questors Theatre in 2016. It is published by Stage Scripts. Anna has also written full length films and stand up comedy.

“My very first foray into the world of theatre was in a junior school production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Some of the class lined up audition-like and the kids that were left voted on who should get what role. I yearned to play Snow White – obviously – but as my two front teeth were missing I thought I’d best try for the role of Wicked Step Mother. I gave my bestest evil snarl and won the part. But my theatre experiences were by no means all good. By the time I got to secondary school I was making up my own song and dance act along with three other girls. The assembly hall was packed to the rafters, our parents were in the audience, we were wearing bloomers. What more could you ask for? All set to burst into a rendition of ‘My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean’ my friends got an attack of trembly leg syndrome which in turn brought on a dose of laryngitis and I was left holding the fort – alone. Now I like to think I have some talents but singing isn’t one of them and without the backing, or should I say fronting, of the girls who could sing, it’s safe to say that it was utterly disastrous. The agonizing drive home with my parents afterwards has been seared into my psyche ever since. Had it been possible for tumbleweed to blow through a Triumph Herald, it would have done. Not a word was mentioned about the performance, nothing, nada, rien, niente, nichts, niets (my computer program has run out of languages).

Still, never one to be demoralized, I spent 22 years in another profession altogether.

I was a hairdresser and make-up artist working on fashions shoots with the likes of Mario Testino, David Bailey and Nick Knight. That work somehow led to film, TV commercials to be precise, I worked on loads of them, from Domestos to DeBeers. Along the way I got to do the hair and make-up of celebs like Faye Dunnaway and Omar Sharif (or David Beckham). But during this period I had a hankering to create more than nice hair and glam make-up looks. Over 20 years ago I enrolled into my first writing class at the City Literary Institute.  My first teacher was the famous playwright Bernard Kops. He took no prisoners when it came to writing authentic dialogue, he made us think about how people really speak to each other in everyday life and I’ve tried to follow that advice ever since.  Yep, it’s taken me another 19 years to get to this point – but I’m here now!”

Alongside her writing, Anna is an actor, voice over artist and model.

Find her showreel here

Find her voicereel here


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