Sex Cells

Set in a call centre that sells sex toys, Sex Cells is a wickedly funny and poignant play about motherhood, relationships, anger, acceptance, motherhood, compassion, love, motherhood, belonging, motherhood, sex, cake, and… motherhood.
Beneath the cheerful customer service and easy banter, however, these very different women nurse their own desires and disappointments. Bitter sweet drama unfolds through the relationships and rivalries of four women and their boss, Mr Causeway.

“Sex Cells is a play that conveys my feelings about becoming a mother and being a daughter. It examines the questions that I have about a woman’s choice, or not, to have a child. Have we come to accept or expect that we can ‘have it all’? The reality is that some of us cannot have a child, however many go’s at IVF. And adoption brings it’s own set of emotional implications. And finally my feelings that to have a child does not give an automatic mandate to a close and loving bond, with the child we call ‘our own’.

I’m passionate about this, my first full length play. It is also my first venture into staging a play and I am looking forward to the journey”

-Anna Longaretti

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