Lainey & Nana

Lainey and Nana are a comedy invention. They are mother and daughter living in Essex.

Nana was created as a result of Anna attending a stand-up comedy course. Nana looks after her grandchild, Tarquin because his mother, Cheryl, likes sitting on the sofa and shovelling Zinger Boneless banquet’s down her ‘froat’ and watching Countdown. Nana also has the unfortunate habit of thieving from Asda, not because she needs to but because she gets a thrill out of it.

Nana’s other daughter is Lainey. A woman intent on self improvement… in the beauty parlour not the library, stupid. She is happily married to Nev, a man who knows he can’t win an argument with Lainey but it doesn’t stop him trying.

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