For a debut play, Anna Longaretti has made an excellent start – she has a great ear for conversation and her play recalls the social comedy of Mike Leigh. Bravissima Anna!

The Public Reviews – 6 October 2013 

Having enjoyed reading [Sex Cells] I was looking forward to seeing it in the flesh, which I finally did last night. It was excellent. Really, really good. Funny, moving and full of great lines that wouldn’t be out of place in a script by Mike Leigh. I’m immensely impressed that they put their money where their mouths are, but more than that, as a writer, I’m impressed by how bloody good it is. 

If This Is A Blog Then What’s Christmas? – 6 October 2013

The writing has a maturity and discipline that bodes well for Longaretti as an emerging playwright. She articulates heavy emotions exceedingly well, and playfully undercuts it all with some delicious wry humour. The result is two hours of easy-watching drama. A rare achievement indeed.

WhatsOnStage – 7 October 2013 ★★★★

A very easy production to watch. It is perfectly balanced and hits all the right notes on motherhood without pointing out the obvious or portraying mothers as martyrs. A truly well performed, directed and written play which is worth two hours away from the kids for.

Everything Theatre – 12 October 2013

This journey constantly shifts between the comedic and the tragic, and by the end of it you’ll likely end up with strong feelings about what being a mother, or father for that matter, means to you. I would say that is the major strength of this play. Not the asking of new, hitherto unknown questions, but a firm asking of important questions we already know, but that are worthwhile being asked again…Sex Cells is definitely a production worth seeing, and I hope we’ll get to see more of Longaretti’s work some time in the future.

UK Theatre Network – 5 October 2013


“Sex Cells follows the lives of four women working in the call centre of an adult toy company. But the real story is about motherhood. The agony of not being able to be a Mum, the weight of responsibility of being  a Mum and the grief of being a Mum who’s child has flown the nest and never calls. It sounds dry but this play has wit, a deep honesty and is set against the humour of the ludicrous selling lines of the bizarrely named adult toys. It is a recipe for peals of laughter, flowing of tears and a throughly good night out. Not to be missed.”

– Joanna Perry (Timeout reviewer)

 “We have been talking about the play and our families all morning. It’s stirred up all sorts. It’s really good Anna. You made a good thing. And that’s been part of the discussions this morning too. That you and Mark actually made it happen, didn’t just talk about it like we all do all the time. Everyone finds it really inspiring. Bloody well done! You should be really proud.”

– Ron Mueck (artist)

“Sex Cells is absolutely fantastic and has had a profound impact on me. Brilliantly written and an emotional roller coaster. Outstanding!”

– Steph Hamill (advertising producer)

 “Saw brilliant play Sex Cells last night! Nearly full house, much laughing, and my A-Level students are saying it’s the best play they’ve seen.”

– Blogger/Drama teacher


“Absolutely brilliant production of Sex Cells at the Riverside Studios – first rate acting & really moving & funny play. Go see!”

– Kate Camiller (Old Vic Productions)

“Really enjoyed Sex Cells. Witty,well observed & poignant. Brilliant performances too.”

– Globe Digital Officer

“It was a great night. Can’t wait for the next one. Anna better get writing!”

– Ryan Boucher (Film/TV Editor)

“It was a great night. Can’t wait for the next one. Anna better get writing

– Film and TV Editor Ryan Boucher

“Last night I saw the touching play Sex Cells at the Riverside Studios. it’s on until the end of October, go see!”

– Sophie Wilkinson (Journalist)

“Last night Foxy went to see SEX CELLS, a new comedy play at Riverside studios – and laughed til his brush fell off!!!” “Great play! Brilliant acting! Very relevant!”

– Streetfox

“FABULOUS play by Anna Denton Longaretti – thoughtful sad funny…moving look at want, need, longing, hope and loss…”

“Excellent show, observant characterisation and good acting. Very entertaining definitely recommended”

5 stars ★★★★★

A very cleverly crafted terrific play, with brilliant performances. Full of irony, laugh out loud humour and moving insightful honesty. I loved it, despite the uncomfortable seating, go and see this play.

4 stars ★★★★

“I thought it was fab. Definitely go. They got me crying and laughing.”

4 stars ★★★★

Sex Cells The Play

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